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Disaster Relief

A catastrophic event can happen at any time to anybody.  The Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation is committed to prioritizing relief to victims who have experienced a local disaster or need support due to an unexpected hardship.  Whether a house fire that displaces a family, an accident that claims a life, or a family struggling to afford proper arrangements after the death of a family member, the CVFF is there to help those in time of need.  Battalion Chiefs carry debit cards in $100 denominations to get victims of disaster through the first day while other agencies coordinate emergency services. There are no restrictions on how the card can be used.  Assistance for critical but non-emergency situations is evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Water Safety

In 2012, the Foundation and the Chula Vista Fire Department partnered with the Recreation Division to launch an awareness campaign to prevent drowning – a leading cause of accidental death for children in our county. That campaign went viral! Fire departments from all around San Diego County approached Chula Vista, and wanted to adopt the campaign for their own communities. We made it happen!  Flyers with tips, banners, and adult Water Watcher cards were created and distributed across the County, and fire engines all over San Diego could be seen with decals on the side! We are proud to say it all started here in Chula Vista.

Water Safety Tips

  • Never leave a child unsupervised around water.  Assign an adult “Water Watcher” to maintain constant supervision.
  • Floaties and water wings are NOT approved floatation devices.  All weak and non-swimmers should wear a United States Coast Guard approved lifejacket.
  • Isolate your pool from the home and play area.  Install proper fencing around the pool.

A big thank you goes to Chula Vista Fire Captain Mike Filson, for leading this amazing effort.

Pool Safety Tips – Downloadable files to share!

English (PDF)

Spanish (PDF)

Adopt A Family

The holiday season is a culmination of giving throughout the year. Prior to Thanksgiving, the CVFF selects the most underprivileged families in need of clothing and other necessities, from applications that have been vetted by the Chula Vista Welfare Council. Firefighter families shop to fulfill the list of requested items with a minimum budget of $120 per child (funded by CVFF). Each family, also receives “Family Bags” filled with shelf-stable items (such as granola bars, soup, oatmeal and other goodies), essentials (to include toothpaste, toothbrushes, face masks, hand sanitizer), blanket(s) and more. The holiday packages are then delivered by fire crews on an apparatus (fire truck) to the family homes prior to Christmas.

The blankets included are provided by Project Warmth.

Grocery Cards

Food security remains a problem in America.  According to the USDA, “11.1 percent (14.3 million) of U.S. households were food insecure at some time during 2018.”  The CVFF provides grocery cards in $25 denominations to help bridge hunger for those who do not earn enough to make ends meet or are temporarily unemployed but actively seeking employment.  When responding to calls, firefighters routinely check refrigerators for indicators of food insecurity and provide grocery cards to homes experiencing hunger. Grocery cards are available at Chula Vista fire stations.

Educational Opportunities

Roger Haley Memorial Scholarship

Available to local high school or college students pursuing an education in healthcare or public safety.

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CPR and First Aid Classes

The Foundation partners with Southwestern College by providing equipment for their community CPR classes. You never know when you’ll need to save a life!

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Swimming Classes

Drowning is a leading cause of accidental death in the U.S.  Everyone should know how to swim! In partnership with the Chula Vista Parks & Recreation Division, we’re hoping more people will learn!

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