Thank you for your interest in helping the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation with our community efforts! Please let us know how you’d like to contribute.

Need a Tax Deduction?

Look no further! All funds donated to the Chula Vista Firefighter’s Foundation are tax-deductible – and you’re helping out a great cause!

Mailing Address

Chula Vista Firefighters Foundation
PO Box 7094
Chula Vista, CA 91912

Chula Vista Fire Station Locations

Fire Station 1: 447 F Street
Fire Station 2: 80 E. J Street
Fire Station 3: 1410 Brandywine Avenue
Fire Station 4: 850 Paseo Ranchero
Fire Station 5: 391 Oxford Street
Fire Station 6: 605 Mt. Miguel Road
Fire Station 7: 1640 Santa Venetia Street
Fire Station 8: 1180 Woods Drive
Fire Station 9: 266 East Oneida Street

  • We take donations, plus gift cards - and anything you feel might be helpful!